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24 Hour Air Conditioning Service: The Importance of Having a 24 Hour AC Contractor

24 Hour Air Conditioning Service: The Importance of Having a 24 Hour AC Contractor

With air conditioning units being one of the most important appliances you can have in your home, being able to ask for assistance for an emergency at any time of the day is crucial. It’s possible that you may wake up in the middle of a hot summer night to find yourself drenched in sweat because your air conditioner decided to break down. Emergencies tend to happen during the most inconvenient times, so it’s important to have an air conditioning contractor in your area that offers service 24 hours a day. These companies realize that customer needs are very important, no matter what time of the day or night they’ll be needing assistance.

We have several clients who have thanked us for coming to their rescue very late at night. One client in particular had come home from a month-long vacation in South Africa to find that her air conditioner stopped working. Mind you, this happened in the middle of summer. When we arrived at her home, it was excruciatingly hot and the paint had begun peeling off the walls (she had accidentally left her bathroom window open a crack). We got her call at 3am and were there promptly afterwards. It turned out that the level of Freon in her unit was extremely low because she was unaware of a leak that her unit had.

We told our client about out preventative maintenance (PM) service agreement, which enables us to check on your system bi-annually to ensure that your system is running normally. If she had the PM service agreement prior to this incident, we would have been able to catch the leak and prevent her machine from not working properly. With this agreement, we will test and calibrate the thermostat, check the system’s oil levels, as well as all of the pumps and valves, and many more maintenance features and benefits. Click here to read more about our PM service agreement.

Having an air conditioning contractor who offers services 24 hours a day is very beneficial to you as a client. You’ll have a greater piece of mind knowing that your contractor will be able to assist you with an emergency no matter if it’s at 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon.

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