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Air Conditioning Contractor- How to Choose the Right Contractor

Air Conditioning Contractor- How to Choose the Right Contractor

It may seem relatively easy to open up Google and type in “air conditioning contractors [in your area]” but how do you narrow down your choices? The first contractor that comes up may be a good company, but it may not be the right company for you. Choosing the right air conditioning contractor is just as important as choosing the right nanny or babysitter; you have to make sure that you trust the person and that they have the right knowledge, skills, and abilities to handle your situation.

                Do Your Research

Say you’ve found a contractor that looks trustworthy. Look up the insurance and licensing laws in your area and check to see that the company complies with them. Study the background of the company and search for customer complaints and reviews. Go to the Better Business Bureau website and make sure that the employees are all certified and insured.

                Ask for Recommendations

Chances are that your friends and neighbors have used an AC contractor in the past and could give you a company that they found to be trustworthy. Your friends will provide you with either good or bad experiences that they’ve had with a specific company, and this will enable you to knock a few companies off of your list or add to it.

                Get Estimates

It’s important to get at least three estimates for any repair service, and they should be in writing and also itemized. If the prices differ greatly, this also narrows down your choices. Perhaps one company charges more because they offer an additional service that could be helpful to you. This could impact your ultimate decision. Not only is price important, but available warranties and energy efficiency are important factors to consider as well.

                Assess the Estimator

When you choose contractors to come to your home for the estimates, they should be very thorough in their inspection of your unit. They should be able to assess what services you’ll need for your home. You should have multiple contractors so that you can compare their recommendations and not sign up for services that you don’t necessarily need.

                Sign a Contract

When you’ve finally decided on a contractor that makes you feel comfortable, be sure to sign an agreement that lists the prices and services that will be performed. Getting it written down will save you from any confusion of what is provided on the contractors’ end, and the prices are guaranteed to not increase unknowingly.


Whether you just moved to a new home, or your unit needs to be repaired for the first time, choosing the right contractor is really important. The company that you use for the first time will be your first choice the next time that you need somebody to repair your system. You need to feel safe and confident with someone who will be spending time in your home.

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