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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs – The Most Common Problems That Lead to Bigger Problems

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs – The Most Common Problems That Lead to Bigger Problems

When a company is in the food industry, the absolute worst thing that could happen to it would be for their refrigerator to stop working for any amount of time. It can be very costly to repair, not only to fix the problem, but also if any of the product goes bad due to lack of refrigeration. Any glitch with the refrigeration unit is an emergency and is cause for concern.

No Maintenance

One of the things that can lead to problems with your unit is misusing it and not setting up appointments for regular maintenance. Not taking this precaution can lead to dirty coils and low Freon levels. These two issues can often lead to unit failure or breakdown, which is very costly because it involves new parts having to be purchased, or in some severe cases, a whole new unit has to be purchased.

Gasket Problems

If your refrigeration is not staying cool enough or it is developing frost by the door, there is most likely a problem with the gasket on the door. Over time, it is common for the gasket to get worn and therefore your workers need to use a little bit more force for the door to close properly. Most commercial refrigeration units have a latch, so be sure that you and your workers are using the latch properly and making sure that the door stays close when not in use.

Improper Use

In a busy kitchen, it’s relatively easy to leave the door open for too long, and it’s practically necessary to make frequent trips to the refrigerator. But this excessive use takes away from the life of your unit. Having the door open and close too frequently makes it harder to maintain a steady temperature, which can have an effect on the refrigerator.

If you understand what actions you should avoid, you can prevent your refrigeration unit from having a sudden breakdown. You can save a lot of money from lost product and sales if you take the proper precautions to take care of your unit to catch potential issues before they become costly problems.

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