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Fall Checklist for Your Home A/C and Heating

Fall Checklist for Your Home A/C and Heating


That's the official timeframe anyway, but we all know it'll still be pretty hot here in Florida. Nevertheless - it's soon upon us!

When the leaves start to fall and the weather gets cooler, it’s time to do a few things around the house to make sure your air conditioner and heating equipment are ready for fall.

  1. The burning smell is OK when you run the heat for the first time.  It’s from dust settling on heating components.  It should go away quickly, if not, call a professional.
  2. Properly seal all cooling and heating ducts.
  3. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans.  This helps circulate warm air and cut down on heating costs.
  4. Clean or replace your air-conditioning filter.
  5. Schedule an autumn clean and check your air conditioning service.

Call the pros at Munson Air Conditioning to get your A/C and heating equipment ready for fall! Call us today at 407-680-0318!

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