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What is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Ductless air conditioning is one of the best ways to reduce electricity consumption in homes, offices and business set ups. This is a situation where air conditioning systems in homes and offices are set up without central air systems. This type of air conditioning is meant for warming and cooling homes and offices among other places.

This type of air conditioning is usually very advantageous as compared to other types of conditions as it enables to air condition rooms that are hard to reach. In the recent past, there has been a growing trend that has realized the increase in application of this type of air conditioning. Ductless air conditioners are also referred to as mini-split conditioners due to the great similarities that exist between these two types of conditioners.

This type of air conditioning unit is usually comprised of two main parts: indoor/internal unit and outdoor/external unit. The internal unit is comprised of a handling unit, a blower and an evaporator. The outdoor unit on the other hand is comprised of a condenser and a compressor.


Installation of ductless air conditioning systems is quite easy and simple but even so it should be done by an expert. This is due to the reason that there are a set of technical skills that are required in order to install the systems effectively. Proper ductless air conditioning installation is quite important as it helps in ensuring that the air conditioner system is able to achieve maximum efficiency and output potential.

The outdoor unit in the air conditioner system is usually permanently fixed outside the room that is to be air conditioned. The indoor unit is the unit that delivers cool air into the system and as such should be set high on the wall in the room to be air conditioned.

After the indoor and outdoor units have been fixed, it is important to cut out a 3 inch opening on the wall. This opening is used to connect the two units using a pair of refrigerant lines. One of these lines I used to supply electricity while the other is used to draw out the condensate from the indoor unit. With such a combination, a ductless air conditioning unit is able to achieve maximum efficiency.

Advantages of ductless air conditioning

There exist multiple advantages of ductless air conditioners over conditioners used in central air conditioning. The first advantage is seen in installation whereby it is very easy to install a ductless air conditioner than a central air conditioner.

This is due to the reason that there is no duct work involved in the installation of a ductless air conditioner. In addition to this, ductless air conditioners are quite safe to have around as their installation is not complicated and as such there is no interference to other systems in the house.

Ductless air conditioners have a high cooling capacity than the central air conditioners and as such their efficiency is equally high. This makes it quite easy to be able to be able to cut on electricity consumption and therefore it is very economical.

Recent models of ductless air conditioners are fitted with filters that make it easy for them to purify air and prevent the attack of the air conditioners by interferences such as dust particles.