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Ocoee AC Repair | Ocoee Air Conditioning Repair in Ocoee FL

Ocoee AC Repair | Ocoee Air Conditioning Repair in Ocoee FL

Gary Munson Heating & A/C Service has been in operation since 1978. We service Orange, Osceola, Seminole and surrounding counties for residential heating and cooling, and commercial heating, cooling and refrigeration. We are a HARV (Heating, Air, Refrigeration, Ventilation) contractor.

Our services include the installation and repair of ALL major residential and commercial brands of air conditioning equipment, and the installation and repair of ALL major brands of commercial refrigeration, including ice machines. In addition, we can offer services in indoor air quality, control systems, LEEDS group-energy homes, energy efficiency, system design and preventive maintenance.

  • We have a highly trained staff that is available 24 hours for emergencies.
  • We are listed with the BBB.
  • Financing is available with approved credit.

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Learn more about air conditioning and how to get it repaired.

The air conditioner is Godís gift to control the weather. When youíre inside your home or apartment, the comfort of a cool breeze can only come from a properly installed air conditioner. So if youíre planning to experience the wonders of the air con, then itís always best to follow these ten things to do to properly install your air conditioner.

1. Before you buy an air conditioner, check out the space your air conditioner will be cooling. Determining the size of the room will help you buy an air conditioner just right for your needs. This will help you save money when your electric bills will come along and it will also save you from getting an air conditioner that canít handle the size its cooling.

2. Choose an air conditioner brand that you trust. Since youíll be using this appliance a lot, like most appliances that you need to rely on, itís always best to invest on a name that many trust.

3. If youíre planning to have your air conditioner installed by someone else, better get a quote and do a canvass first. Make sure that the installation guys come from a reputable company. Usually they will propose plans on where to put the air conditioner to maximize its power.

4. If youíre planning to install the air conditioner yourself, then the next step is to get a permit or authorization to install (if needed).

5. Before installing, make sure that there is adequate electrical service or that your socket can give the needed power for your air conditioner. Usually a fuse or a socket is dedicated to just an air conditioner because it uses a lot of electricity.

6. If your room already has a window frame in place for an air conditioner, double check the frame to see if it needs any mending.
7. Your brand new air conditioner comes with a set of instructions for installation.

8. As you install your air conditioner, make sure you give it enough support underneath or fasten it with angles or metal brackets.

9. Make sure your air conditioner is secure to prevent movement and shifting due to hard winds and other weather conditions.

10. Tilt the air conditioner slightly for proper water drainage. Make sure your air conditioner is not overly tilted.