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Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC Systems

commercial_img011Gary Munson Heating & A/C Service has been in operation since 1978. We service Orange, Osceola, Seminole and surrounding counties for commercial heating, cooling and refrigeration. We are a HARV (Heating, Air, Refrigeration, Ventilation) contractor.

Our services include the installation and repair of ALL major commercial brands of air conditioning equipment, and the installation and repair of ALL major brands of commercial refrigeration, including ice machines. In addition, we can offer services in indoor air quality, control systems, energy efficiency, system design and preventive maintenance.

commercial_img021Our company has excelled in commercial HVAC installation and repair for over 30 years in the central Florida area. We are large enough to maintain a full time staff as opposed to sub contractors that other companies are forced to use, but small enough to be able to stay price competitive with superior service to any other option you may come across. If you are looking for professional team to make your life easier from RFP all the way to job completion and billing then you want Gary Munson Heating and A/C to help make you commercial HVAC installation or repair a success.


Here Are Some of Our Commercial HVAC Services

Gary Munson Heating and A/C Are experts at the installation and maintenance of Commercial chilling systems & cooling towers. We service the entire Orlando area. Give us a call today to get more information.

Commercial Ductless Systems

We are both a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and a Daikin DNA Dealer.
We find these to be the best ductless systems out there but install and service all makes and models. The Ductless system has so much to offer you in your business to keep energy bills down and operation at the highest level. Do you have  office space you can’t get ducts to?
Do you have people that may be to hot or may be to cold and you just can’t make them happy?
Give use a call today to see if we can help make your work place a happy place.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection & Improvement

We work hard to help you fell comfortable in your work place. Indoor air quality is a big thing these days. Whether it is odor, allergies, or people getting sick it can lower productivity. Gary Munson Heating and A/C can fix the problem with a variety of solutions.
Is there a smell you can’t get to go away?
Is there just to much dust around?

Some but not all of the Indoor air quality we install are UV Lights, Electronic filters, De- humidifiers, and many more, just give us a call to find out how we may can make your work place a little more comfortable.

Commercial Refrigeration Fridge & Freezer Maintenance

Over the last 30 years we have developed are refrigeration side of our business to be a big part of what we do. We install, PM, and services places like: Meat packaging houses, restaurants, bakery’s, grocery stores, hospital and medical centers, and much more to keep your product frozen or cold.

Rooftop Heating

A belt making noise? need filters changed? Are you looking for companies to RFP for a new buildout? What about replacing an old unit? Gary Munson Heating and A/C has extensive experience with rooftop commercial units. Give us a call to see how experienced our team is with making sure you get the right unit, and proper installation.