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Winter Park AC Repair | Winter Park Air Conditioning Repair in Winter Park

Winter Park AC Repair | Winter Park Air Conditioning Repair in Winter Park

Gary Munson Heating & A/C Service has been in operation since 1978. We service Orange, Osceola, Seminole and surrounding counties for residential heating and cooling, and commercial heating, cooling and refrigeration. We are a HARV (Heating, Air, Refrigeration, Ventilation) contractor.

Our services include the installation and repair of ALL major residential and commercial brands of air conditioning equipment, and the installation and repair of ALL major brands of commercial refrigeration, including ice machines. In addition, we can offer services in indoor air quality, control systems, LEEDS group-energy homes, energy efficiency, system design and preventive maintenance.

  • We have a highly trained staff that is available 24 hours for emergencies.
  • We are listed with the BBB.
  • Financing is available with approved credit.

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Learn more about air conditioning and how to get it repaired.

Who said you need to hire someone to install your air conditioner? If you still believe that you need to pay people or ask them for help then Iíll let you in on a secret: you can install it yourself! If youíre planning to buy a window type air conditioner but worrying about the additional costs for installing it, then worry no more.

In moments like these, when you want to unleash the inner Mcgyver in you the best way to go is to always map out a plan of action especially if youíre going to install your window type air conditioner alone.

The first thing to do is to take measurements. How big is the room you want to put an air conditioner in? There are different types of air conditioners with different capacities. Itís always smart to buy an air conditioner thatís just right so that you wonít be wasting its energy and valuable electricity by letting it work too hard.

If you live in an apartment or condominium then youíd also want to check on your buildingís policies. And while youíre at it also get a permit to install your air conditioner. You wouldnít want the buildingís guards on your case. Most likely, youíll also be able to find out if thereís enough electrical service supplied by your building.

The next step is to double check the window frame that youíre going to use to install the window type air conditioner. Make sure it is in good condition. You wouldnít want to damage your air conditioner because of a faulty window frame.

Your air conditioner will have a set of instructions included. Support the air conditioner from underneath and fasten it with angles, metal brackets or mounting rails. Installing the air conditioner also means that it remains in place, that it doesnít wobble, and that itís tilt slightly to provide proper water drainage.