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AC Installation and Replacement in Orlando, FL

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Installing an air conditioning system is no small feat. We take steps to ensure every step of the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you find the right size air conditioner for your family, install it, and improve your home comfort today. Let’s set you up for a cool, successful summer now.

  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Technicians
  • Thorough, Quality Installation Process
  • Help Finding the Right AC for Your Home
  • 45+ Years of Combined Service

We’ve served the area since 1978 and have no plans of stopping now. Find out why your neighbors trust us with their AC installation and replacement.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning today for residential HVAC service in Orlando, FL and Central Florida. You will be more comfortable with the best!


AC Installation and AC Replacement Options

Homeowners who have lived with the same central air conditioning system for years may not know about the variety of options available for an air conditioning replacement. Modern equipment from brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Trane have features that improve cooling and energy efficiency, double as heating systems, or even work without ductwork.

Our expert team can install these top brands and high-end features, including the "Rolls Royce of Air Conditioners", Daikin’s VRV/VRF ductless system and central ACs with SEER ratings from 14 to 20+. We can also offer our customers extended warranties on Daikin units thanks to our partnership with them. 

Finding the Ideal Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement

If the number of options for residential cooling feels intimidating, we can reassure you that our licensed professionals will help you find the right choice for either AC installation or replacement in Orlando, and the surrounding areas.

In fact, you’ll need our technicians on the job from the start. We help with finding what type of air conditioning system is the best match for your home, family, and budget, but we’re also the people who will handle the full installation process. Only skilled professionals should do this work—amateurs can make costly mistakes and will void the equipment warranty.

Our installers provide another essential service, which is sizing the new AC. "Sizing" isn’t about the physical size of an air conditioner, but how much cooling power it produces. For a proper AC installation, the new cooling system must be neither under-powered nor over-powered, since either will result in a short-lived and energy-wasting unit.

Trust Us with Your AC Installation Needs!

At Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in resolving the residential cooling needs of all customers. A quality air conditioning replacement or installation is one of the most important jobs we do, and with some homes it can present major challenges. We always rise to these challenges to deliver our best work, on time and on budget. When you schedule a replacement or new installation with us, you’ll be left in comfort inside your house no matter the intense Orlando, FL heat outside.

Take the easiest path to a reliably cool house—call our offices and ask about how we can keep your family comfortable through many summers to come. Contact us today for an appointment!

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