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40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week

40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week


Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Orlando, FL

Indoor air quality is unfortunately often overlooked in commercial spaces. Owners and facility managers are often so involved in other concerns that they’re unaware of the negative effects of stuffy, pollutant-filled air. The trouble isn’t isolated to a few buildings either—it’s prevalent across the country, and the climate conditions and humidity in Central Florida can make low indoor air quality acute.

There are solutions to these dilemmas. Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning offers commercial indoor air quality systems to handle pollutants and humidity. We can help with the allergy problems that often occur in Orlando, FL and ensure that a commercial facility has air quality that matches its climate control. We have served Central Florida for more than 40 years and have a special understanding of the challenges businesses here face. We’re locally owned, family operated, insured, and licensed.

Fix your commercial indoor air quality problems with the best! Contact us today for an appointmentw with one of our commercial HVAC experts.

The Common Problems of Poor Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Government studies have found that the air inside buildings is often three to four times lower quality than the air outside. This is the reverse of what most people think is the truth, but there is a good reason for it—modern buildings have such effective insulation and heat sealing on them to improve efficiency that fresh air has little chance to circulate. The many indoor contaminants from equipment, supplies, varnish, and more have no place to escape. Instead, they build in concentration.

The air in your commercial building could be packed with unwanted air pollutants: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust mites, pollen, dander, chemicals, pesticides, etc. These can lead to chronic day-to-date health problems such as headaches and respiratory problems to extreme complications. Almost any building can benefit from some type of air quality system.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Commercial Spaces

What can our indoor air quality experts do to improve your commercial indoor air quality?

  • Air Filters: The filters found on standard HVAC equipment don’t provide air quality improvements. A building needs special filters installed into the ventilation system. Our professionals can ensure you have the right strength of filter for your needs.
  • Air Purifiers: Electronic air purification systems help to remove pollutants small enough to pass through filters. UV air purifiers are recommended for buildings that have experienced trouble with mold growth and bacteria.
  • Humidifiers: You already know how much humidity levels in Florida can turn warm days almost intolerable. Air conditioning systems are rarely enough to combat this—but we have the powerful commercial dehumidifiers to get the job done.

Call the Local Commercial Experts for Orlando, FL

Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning can provide your building with a health report card to help you understand what air quality issues it has. We will then work with you to find what type of indoor air quality systems will combat these problems. No two commercial spaces have the same issues: your building may only need standard filters, or it could require installation of both strong filters and air purifiers.

Regardless of what your commercial business in Orlando, FL or the rest of Central Florida needs for the best air quality, our experienced technicians will find it.