Your Pets May Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner

May 13th, 2024

Many things can potentially cause damage to an air conditioner. A storm-flung tree branch can hit the outdoor unit. Water from a roof leak or plumbing emergency can do serious harm to the electrical components of the indoor unit. Some of these things can’t be avoided or prepared for. But did you know that your pets could also be damaging your AC system? This you can do something about. Here’s the info you need.

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When Is AC Repair an Emergency?

April 15th, 2024

In our climate, air conditioning isn’t a luxury. It’s absolutely necessary at certain times of year for your comfort, and a lack of AC can pose serious health risks. So when something goes wrong with your air conditioner, you have to take it seriously. You can’t just ignore it. 

Air conditioner repair is essential when your cooling system isn’t providing the relief you need, or is exhibiting strange symptoms that could lead to a major breakdown. But that doesn’t mean that every AC problem requires immediate action. When is an AC repair an actual emergency? We’ll share some guidelines that might help you make that decision.

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HVAC Problems: Is It Your Air Conditioner or Your Ducts?

April 1st, 2024

Your home’s HVAC system is large and complex. It’s got a heater and an air conditioner. It’s got a thermostat. It’s got ducts to conduct the heated and cooled air throughout your home. It might even have a dehumidifier or an air purifier. So when something goes wrong, it’s not always a problem with the part of the system you think it is.

For much of the year here in Orlando, we use our air conditioners quite heavily. So when we’re not getting the cool air we expect, we’re quick to blame the AC unit. But what if the problem is elsewhere in the HVAC system? How can you tell whether it’s your air conditioner or your ducts having an issue? Here are some clues.

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AC Sounds that Mean You Need Repair

March 18th, 2024

Your air conditioner’s ability to communicate with you is pretty limited. It can’t just say, “Excuse me, I’m not feeling so well.” But it will often make some noise when it’s struggling with a problem. If you’re familiar with the regular sounds of your air conditioner operating properly, you’ll notice when a strange sound comes up.

What do those air conditioner sounds mean? They mean you need AC repair. Here are some of the most common troubling noises and what they indicate. 

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Is Your Orlando Air Conditioner Ready for the Heat?

March 4th, 2024

Temperatures may still be mild for now, but our hot spring weather will be here soon enough. When it arrives, you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to handle the heat. If you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner.

But what if your AC has been struggling recently? If you’ve found its performance to be less than stellar, and your home comfort and utility bills have been paying the price, it could be time for an air conditioning replacement. Here are the signs that mean your cooling system may not be ready for the lengthy cooling season ahead.

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Springtime Heating Repairs: 3 Common Issues –

February 19th, 2024
Relaxing young woman sofa lying. Home portrait.

Whether you rely on a heat pump or a furnace to keep your home warm in Orlando during the winter, now’s the time when it may start to show signs that it’s struggling to do its job. This is especially true if you have a heat pump or mini split and it was seeing heavy usage as an air conditioner before you switched it to heating mode.

No matter what type of system you have, let’s go over signs that it may be exhibiting that indicate it’s time for HVAC repair. From short cycling to weak airflow, don’t let your home comfort suffer if your HVAC system is experiencing any of these symptoms.

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When a Furnace Gets Too Old

February 5th, 2024

Your furnace is the heart of your home’s heating system. Its job is to provide warmth and comfort, especially throughout the chilly months. It’s important for homeowners to remember that furnaces have a lifespan and as they age, they become less efficient and more prone to breakdowns. Knowing when it’s time for furnace replacement in Orlando, FL, is an important part of maintaining comfort, efficiency, and safety in your home. Let’s take a look at the signs that indicate your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan and discuss the benefits of furnace replacement.

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Our Guide to Choosing a Modular Heating System

January 22nd, 2024

When it comes to heating your commercial space, the options are evolving beyond traditional systems. Modular heating systems are emerging as versatile and customizable solutions that allow business owners to tailor their heating setups to meet specific needs. Let’s explore the features and considerations of commercial heating services in Orlando, FL, to help you choose the right modular heating system for your facility.

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Heat Pumps Are a Great Option

January 8th, 2024

If you’ve recently experienced the need for a new or updated heating system after undergoing heating repairs in Orlando, FL, there is a solution. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the game changing heat pump. The heat pump is an efficient and eco-friendly solution to keep your home comfortable year-round. Let’s unravel the wonders of heat pumps and why they might just be the perfect fit for your home.

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Change That Air Filter Today!

December 25th, 2023

As the seasons change and the temperature drops or rises, our trusty furnaces work tirelessly to keep our homes comfortable. While we may not give much thought to the intricate workings of our heating systems there’s one simple yet important aspect that demands attention. The furnace air filter. It’s a simple part that frequent replacement can help to prevent the need for furnace repair in Orlando, FL. Let’s explore air filters’ purpose, importance and why changing them regularly is a key to maintaining a healthy and efficient home heating system.

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