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Furnace Services in Orlando, FL

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As the most reliable form of home heating, furnaces require a different approach than other heating solutions. That’s why our knowledgeable technicians specialize in furnace installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement. We can help you find the right furnace for your home and install it with extreme attention to detail.

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Furnaces provide quick, accessible heat for your family during the cold winter months. It’s important to get the right furnace that makes sense for your family, and have it installed by experienced technicians.

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Types of Furnaces

Furnaces have a long history and have used many different fuel sources. Today, most furnace run either from natural gas, oil, or electricity. Oil furnaces aren’t common in Florida, and we offer oil-to-gas conversions for homeowners looking to make the switch.

Gas furnaces are preferred for most home in the country because of their power and the lower cost of natural gas. Homes without a natural gas connection can use an electric furnace. Although electric furnaces are costlier to run, the lower amount of use furnaces get in Florida means the difference between electric and gas furnace isn’t too steep. Homeowners may also wish to use an electric furnace if they feel uncomfortable with natural gas appliances.

Furnace Services—Repairs and Maintenance—In Orlando, FL

Our licensed installers can outfit your home with any make and model of furnace, and they’ll make sure you have the right sized units to keep you warm enough without turning into massive energy drains. Our technicians also provide other furnace services.

You only want professionals like us to take care of repairing a furnace, in particular gas models, which can become hazardous if repaired poorly. To ensure furnaces run in peak condition—efficiency, efficacy, and safety—we do furnace maintenance as part of our Gary Munson MVP Package. We recommend all our customers enroll, since it also takes care of home air conditioning systems and offers other benefits.

Converting From a Furnace to Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an excellent choice for home comfort in Central Florida, since they work at high energy efficiency as heating systems—much greater than electric furnaces—and switch over to powerful cooling during the summer. If you’re interested in making the change from using an oil or gas furnace to a heat pump, our technicians have experience with making this change. We work with the finest Daikin, Trane, and Mitsubishi heat pumps. If you still have an old oil furnace, we strongly recommend consulting with us about converting to a heat pump.

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