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40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week

40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week


Wine Refrigerators in Orlando, FL

Since almost the beginning of agriculture, wine has been a popular beverage. But it’s never been more widespread and popular than it is today, and many different establishments now serve high quality wines to their customers. But simply having wine to serve isn’t enough. You don’t just store it in a standard reach-in or walk-in cooler the way you do with beer and sodas. Wine requires special storage with ideal humidity control and temperatures, and the various wines require different temperatures.

This is why having a quality wine refrigerator is critical for any Orlando, FL business with wine on its menu. Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning has the commercial refrigeration experience and tools to provide the ideal wine storage for any need, including building customized wine cooling solutions. We’re the trustworthy commercial refrigeration experts for Central Florida.

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Proper Wine Storage Temperature Makes the Difference

Even casual wine-drinkers can tell when wine isn’t served at the ideal temperature. It changes the taste entirely because it releases the aromatics in the wine. The most expensive bottle of pinot noir won’t taste much better than a bottom-of-the-shelf grocery store wine if it’s too warm or too cold when poured for a discerning customer. Too cold, and the wine will lose its taste. Too warm and it will taste wrong.

Wine storage is an art in itself, and the wine refrigerator is a precision piece of equipment. In most cases, an establishment must have a wine refrigerator with different temperature zones to handle the specific requirements of red and white grapes, or else have multiple wine refrigerators for white and red and any other specialties. Red wine should be stored between 62°F and 68°F, and white between 49°F and 55°F. Humidity must be controlled as well.

The Wine Refrigeration You Need

No matter how much wine you need to store or how many varieties, our commercial refrigeration professionals can help. They can install the right size of wine refrigerators for your business. Even better, they can make customized refrigerators. Our team has experience handling customized cooling needs for an enormous range of establishments—florists, bakers, hospitals, and more. There are superbly qualified to find out the exact wine storage solution that fits your business and budget.

Complete Commercial Refrigeration Services in Orlando, FL

A wine refrigerator is only as good as the people you have servicing it. When a wine storage unit starts to fail, even the smallest problem, it can mean spoiled wine that customers will send back. We can take care of the commercial refrigeration maintenance and repairs to prevent this from happening. You can count on us for your wine refrigerator services or any other commercial refrigeration jobs you need done on the double.

Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning has more than 40 years of history serving Orlando and Central Florida, so we know a few things about how local businesses operate and how they want to be served. We’re locally operated and owned, licensed and insured, committed to the highest quality, and treat all our customers like part of our extended family.