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Commercial Air Conditioning in Orlando, FL

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Commercial comfort is integral to your business for both your employees and your customers. Our technicians will evaluate which AC system works best for your business, make recommendations on sizing, then install everything to get you up and running. From maintenance to repairs, we cover everything your business needs to keep customers comfortable.

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Your commercial space needs temperature control, but that doesn’t mean it should also include stress. Let our experienced, knowledgeable technicians handle everything for you from start to finish.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning today for commercial HVAC service in Orlando, FL and Central Florida. You will be more comfortable with the best!


The Finest in Commercial Air Conditioning Systems and Repairs

In Central Florida, no part of a commercial facility’s HVAC system does more work than the air conditioner. Cooling systems need to run almost every month of the year. When your facility requires a new AC or a replacement for an old one, make sure you work with our experts. They’ll carefully consider your space and specific needs for both comfort and protection of equipment, then provide a speedy install. We work with a range of commercial cooling systems, including rooftop units and cooling towers.

When you run into trouble with your current cooling system, we’re ready with the commercial air conditioning repair to solve it. Our technicians are ready around the clock with a fleet of fully stocked vans to come to your business’ rescue.

Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance

Finding the right AC system to keep your commercial space cool throughout the year is only the first step. Commercial cooling systems must have thorough regular maintenance from professionals. The incredible stress that the heat and humidity of Central Florida can cause commercial air conditioners to fail rapidly. Commercial air conditioning repair can only help so much—it takes a full maintenance program.

We offer maintenance plans customized for each client, and our inspections and tune-ups are thorough. Our technicians blow out drain lines, change filers, change belts, clean coils, check refrigerant pressure, check amperage, and more. We’ll ensure a building’s commercial air conditioner works efficiently for many years with few repair costs or work interruptions.

IT Room and Computer Room Cooling

Commercial HCAC Installation by Gary Munson Heating & A/C ServicesNot all HVAC companies offer the specialized service of providing temperature control for IT rooms, server rooms, and computer rooms. These locations for a business generate extremely high temperatures which can lead to catastrophic damage to precision equipment. This can be responsible for data loss and work stoppage.

But IT room cooling requires more than a simple AC system or leaving the door open. Proper temperature controls and effective air circulation are critical for computer room cooling systems. Our technicians have experience with installation and service of the customized system required for this job. Call the Orlando, FL office of Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule the cooling help you need for your business.

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