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40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week

40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week


Orlando, FL Ductless Systems

There’s no reason with modern technology to still depend on window units to cool down your house in hot weather. Ductless mini split heat pumps offer cooling around a house similar to a central AC, but without those space-consuming and dust-collecting ducts. Because ductless systems are also heat pumps, they can work as heaters during the short Florida winters.

If you want to free yourself from window units, or if you already have a ductless HVAC installation and need service for it, Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call for the job. We provide ductless heater replacement and installation as well and other services such as ductless air conditioner repair and maintenance. We work with the finest brands—Mitsubishi, Trane, Daikin—and use innovation to solve the trickiest home comfort problems.

You’ll be more comfortable with the best! Call us today for an appointment.

Reasons to Consider a Ductless HVAC Installation

A ductless system operates by connecting a series of wall-mounted blowers with refrigerant coils in them to a single outdoor unit. It’s like splitting up the single indoor evaporator and air handler of a standard central AC so there are multiple small indoor evaporators and blowers inside the room, able to send the cooled or heated air directly into the living spaces.

This isn’t beneficial for all homes, such as ones already equipped with ducts. But for older homes and new construction homes, the freedom to cool and heat without ducts is an enormous advantage. A ductless AC replacement for window units means better cooling, energy savings, less dust, while still enjoying zone control where you only need to cool/heat the rooms that need it.

The Daikin VRF/VRV System

Through our partnership with Daikin, we can install one of the best high-performance ductless systems on the market: the VRF/VRV system. VRF stands for variable refrigerant flow and VRV for variable refrigerant volume. They are the same technology, except Daikin registered VRV as a trademark when the developed it in the early 1980s. A VRV/VRF system uses inverter compressors to reduce power used based on the heating needs of the house, which it constantly monitors. This makes VRV/VRF ductless systems among the most energy efficient comfort option you can find.

You can choose to have a VRF/VRV system installed as a cooling-only unit. However, most provide heating and cooling, and this is the option we recommend for homes to get the most from their installation. Contact us today for more information!

Ductless HVAC Maintenance and Repair in Orlando, FL

A ductless system does a heavy amount of work during a year in Central Florida because it’s a heat pump that runs when the weather is hot and cold. To keep a system like this working for years with few problems, it must have routine ductless HVAC maintenance. Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning offers the program to keep your ductless mini split heat pump in the best condition: the Gary Munson MVP Plan. Thanks to precision tune-ups and thorough inspections, you’ll enjoy your ductless heating and cooling for years. And don’t sweat the ductless HVAC repair needs— we offer emergency service, 7 days a week, in Orlando, FL!