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40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week

40+ years of Serving The Orlando Area


Emergency Service 7 days a week


Ice Cream Machines in Orlando, FL

Ice cream is popular around the globe. But as a food service item it is especially important in vacation spots and tourist destinations in warm climates. Which is a perfect description of Orlando and Central Florida. Proper storage and dispensing of ice cream in a commercial establishment is much more complicated than storing a small tub of rocky road in a kitchen fridge. Whether you’re serving soft serve ice cream, hard ice cream, gelato ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, or other icy delicacy from your establishment, you’ll want the best in ice cream machine technology at work for you.

And Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning can deliver exactly that! We not only install and service standard ice cream machines, we can develop customized ice cream storage and displays. We’re dedicated to the success of local businesses, and we treat all of our customers like family. We’re family-owned and locally operated, so we know exactly how you want your business to be treated.

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What Kind of Ice Cream Machines Do You Need?

Whatever you can name, we can provide the installation and replacement service. Soft serve ice cream machines are what most people think of when they think of ice cream dispensers. These machines are complicated freezing machines that mix air in with the ice cream and keep the mixture at a warmer temperature to create that creamy consistency people love so much. Similar machines are used to serve custard, frozen yogurt, gelato ice cream, and sorbet. You can have any of these machines installed by working with us as well.

Our technicians also install hard ice cream display cases. We can customize these cases to meet specific size and display requirements. We have extensive experience creating cooling boxes for many establishments, from restaurants to florists, and you can trust we’ll find the cooling solution for you.

Repairs for Ice Cream Machines (And More)

Soft serve ice cream machines and related cold dessert machines must run constantly to maintain the proper temperature and consistency of their product, as well as to prevent health code violations. These machines use an immense amount of energy, and all the work strain they’re under can mean possible malfunctions. Our technicians are standing by to fix your ice cream machines when something goes wrong. You’ll avoid loss of revenue and possible code violations when you call on us—we’re ready with emergency services.

Sign Up for Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning can help prevent breakdowns with your hard-working soft serve ice cream machines with regular maintenance. Routine inspections and tune-ups go a long way toward preventing malfunctions, keeping refrigeration equipment working at high energy efficiency, and ensuring a lengthy service life before requiring a replacement. Maintenance is essential for custard freezers, hard ice cream display cases, and all the other vital food service refrigeration equipment in your business.

We are invested in the success of your commercial establishment in Orlando, FL. Our more than 40 years as a trusted Central Florida contractor is based on coming through for our customers with the exact services they need. Contact us today for an appointment.