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R Sh, 3+ years ago

The service performed by this company on my home was outstanding and fair priced!
Good job !!

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Mark Shaw, 3+ years ago

I chose Gary Munson Heating and Air Conditioning
I am a retired technical manufacturing plant manager with commercial HVAC experience. I chose Gary Munson Heating and Air Conditioning for my home heat pump system. He has the best service organization in the entire Orlando Florida area! World class service! Knock-your-sox-off customer service with experienced technicians uniquely qualified to quickly, correctly, troubleshoot and repair systems.
I had researched on the web for the best reviews for HVAC home repair contractors. I also checked credentials on the (Rheem) manufactures web site. I looked at Google reviews as well.
I did NOT find ANY positive reviews for: …... , Orlando FL, that had serviced one unit the last time and put their stickers all over the units.
Many folks I had talked to in the past were very disappointed with many Heating and Air Conditioning in the Orlando FL area. They were overcharged and had to deal with very slow service and response, from impolite, inexperienced, inept technicians.
I have dealt with several Gary Munson A/C technicians on several jobs.
I have not met Gary Munson, but spoke to him on the phone several times. I was very impressed with the professionalism and concern that he exhibited.
More about Gary Munson's team that I met:
Steve Ward is the smartest educated, experienced A/C technician working in the Orlando area.
Bob Hoefling is very experienced, works on call, (semi-retired), and very smart and experienced. Bob taught heating and air conditioning in community college as well as having a career in the air conditioning field. He knows his stuff!
James is really good and learning from the professionals in the Gary Munson team.
Fair prices, very efficient and personable.
Mark B Shaw

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Mark J Reinhardt, 3+ years ago
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AJ Munson, 3+ years ago
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Trypsin, 3+ years ago

Gary was VERY efficient, honest and helpful. He even gave me tips on how to avoid this in the future (clogged AC drainage line)...which is really great customer service. I was told up front upon requesting an appointment of the total costs, so there were no surprises. I liked that. Definitely recommend him.

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Delaina Bomhoff, 3+ years ago

We have used Gary Munson Heating and A/C twice now and all I can say is they are fabulous. Both times I have had timely service, from polite technicians with a fair price. They are super efficient and very personable.

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Dennis Jones, 3+ years ago

I am a retired home builder and developer with 35 years of experience behind me. I called Gary about changing our our HVAC system in our Florida home and was very impressed by Gary when he came out to visit me personally about the system and what we could do to change it. His staff handled the project on time and did a very neat and complete job. If I were operating my building business in Florida, I would be using Gary Munson Heating and Air Conditioning as one of my sub contractors.

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