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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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AC Sounds that Mean You Need Repair


Your air conditioner’s ability to communicate with you is pretty limited. It can’t just say, “Excuse me, I’m not feeling so well.” But it will often make some noise when it’s struggling with a problem. If you’re familiar with the regular sounds of your air conditioner operating properly, you’ll notice when a strange sound comes up.

What do those air conditioner sounds mean? They mean you need AC repair. Here are some of the most common troubling noises and what they indicate. 


If your air conditioner makes a grinding, groaning noise, it’s not just overtired from the exhausting job of keeping a Florida home cool all summer. No, the most likely reason for this noise is worn-down bearings in the blower fan’s motor. You want to get air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL so you can simply get new bearings. If you let the problem continue, you’ll need to replace a whole burned-out motor.


Electrical troubles can cause ticking and clicking sounds. Don’t try to repair it yourself—you don’t want to risk serious electric shock—and don’t ignore the problem. Electrical issues can lead to fire hazards. Keep yourself and your home safe by having a qualified professional take a look at your air conditioner as soon as possible.


Chances are, a rattle or clatter is caused by a component coming loose. Maybe it’s as simple as a screw needing to be tightened to prevent a panel from clattering as the AC unit vibrates. Or maybe the blower fan is a little out of alignment. Whatever component is causing the sound, you need to get it tightened up so it won’t keep loosening, fly free, and cause damage to other parts of your air conditioner.


Air conditioners have a belt which connects the motor to the fan. If your air conditioner starts making squealing sounds like a pig in distress, it’s probably this belt. It might be slipping out of position, stretching out of shape, or starting to tear. A new belt is an inexpensive component and replacing it is a straightforward repair.


Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner, and it runs through the coils, into your home to absorb heat, and out again to release it. Damage to any point on those coils can allow refrigerant to leak out. This will make your system much less effective and less efficient, and strains the all-important compressor. It can also make a hissing sound as it escapes. Don’t ignore this sign! Get repairs right away.


This sound might not actually be coming from your air conditioner. In general, just like when you whistle with your mouth, this sound is made by air being forced through a small opening. It may be that you have a tear or crack in your ductwork which you need to have sealed up.

Whether you need to schedule repairs or simply have a question about your air conditioner, we’ll always be happy to hear from you.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL. You’ll be more comfortable with the best!

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