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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

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Your Pets May Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner


Many things can potentially cause damage to an air conditioner. A storm-flung tree branch can hit the outdoor unit. Water from a roof leak or plumbing emergency can do serious harm to the electrical components of the indoor unit. Some of these things can’t be avoided or prepared for. But did you know that your pets could also be damaging your AC system? This you can do something about. Here’s the info you need.

Air Circulation

Freely flowing air is one of the most critical needs of an air conditioner. It’s what keeps everything moving so that the freshly cooled air is evenly distributed throughout your home. In order to avoid pulling a lot of particles into the moving parts of your AC unit, causing friction and wear and tear, the air is drawn through a filter first. And if that filter gets clogged, big problems can happen.

With less air coming through the system, the heat created by the blower fan motor can’t dissipate. The motor can overheat. Wires can literally fuse together! And trying to pull air through a clog forces the system to work harder, straining the compressor, which is so costly it’s almost irreplaceable. 

Pet hair can clog that filter quickly. It’s usually recommended that you clean or replace the air filter every month. But if you have multiple furry pets, or pets who are currently shedding a lot, you should check on the filter even more frequently.

Electrical Cords

Adult pets generally leave electrical cords alone, but not always. Cats in particular have such sensitive hearing that they can detect the faintest ultrasonic humming of electricity in wires, which sometimes leads them to attack or play with them. And puppies and kittens are notorious for nibbling on things like this. 

Slight damage to a wire could cause intermittent and confusing AC issues, as an electrical connection is made and then broken over and over with the slightest movement of the wire. More extensive damage could shut down the AC entirely and also cause serious injury to your pet.

If you suspect your pets might be too interested in your AC, you have two options: keep them out of the area entirely, or use pet-proof wire covers. You can also find outlet protectors and other helpful gadgets in the baby-proofing section of your hardware store.

The Outdoor Unit

One of the leading causes of death of appliances is corrosion. Whether it’s your hot water tank, furnace, or air conditioner, rust can do so much damage that it simply can’t be fixed. That’s why it’s so important to prevent it before it happens! And your outdoor AC unit is at particular risk… especially from your dogs.

Dogs are territorial animals, and they will mark your property with urine to send a message to other dogs. This marking may include your air conditioner! Dog urine is so corrosive that it’s been known to cause shocking catastrophes. Metal lamp posts that are popular with dogs in big cities have collapsed from the rust caused by all the urine!

Keep your air conditioner safe by making sure your dogs keep their distance. If you use a fence around the outdoor unit to do this, make sure it’s at least 3 feet from the unit and has an open structure to allow airflow.

If you do find that your pets have caused an AC problem, get air conditioning repair in Lake Nona, FL right away so we can help minimize the damage.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL. You’ll be more comfortable with the best!

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