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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

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Features of a Commercial Fridge Freezer

The use of commercial fridge freezer has increased significantly over the last years. It has become an indispensable commercial tool for all the businesses. The numerous benefits offered by the freezers have made it be ranked as one of the most preferred product in most lines of businesses.

One of the greatest benefits that the freezers give the owner is the ability to hold a large number of drinks and foods at different temperatures depending on the individual cooing temperature requirements. The freezers are also capable of storing the food for a long time, keeping them fresh and maintaining all the nutrients.

Some of the common features of the commercial freezers that enable them to effectively function include:

  1. Compressors – the compressors found in the commercial freezers that help in prolonging the life of all the drinks and foodstuffs stored in them. This is important as most hotels and businesses dealing with foodstuffs deal with a large amount of food.
  2. Insulation for noises and vibrations – the material used for insulation highly depends on the equipment that one goes for. The insulation also helps in reducing the generation of heat.
  3. High-quality hinges for the doors – the commercial freezers usually have one or two doors with very strong hinges. The doors have a lining that prevents entry of heat to the freezer.
  4. Strong floors – the commercial freezers have strong aluminium floors that enable them to withstand the heavy weight of the drinks and foodstuffs stored in them.
  5. Cabinets – all the commercial freezers usually have a cabinet that is made from stainless steel
  6. Evaporator – the evaporator is a special substance that changes from gaseous to liquid states as it sucks the heat from the freezer.
  7. Wheels – most of the commercial freezers are fitted with wheels for easy movement. The wheels are also fitted with a braking system to prevent movement by locking them. The wheels are easily unlocked when one need to relocate the equipment.
  8. Safety features – the freezers are fitted with alarms that alert the users when there is a problem. They are also fitted with a lock to prevent unauthorized access to the contents.
  9. Automatic digital temperature control – the modern commercial freezers are fitted with an automatic control of the temperatures. This help to sense when the temperatures are too high than required. The digital displays show the current temperatures for the owner to take the necessary actions.
  10. Access ports – they enable the user to connect the freezer to an alternative source of energy.

When one is looking for a commercial freezer, they should clearly understand all the available types. One could buy an upright or a chest freezer. The chest freezers are very easy to use and cheap. They are opened from the top and are constructed using glass.

Most of the users prefer them for they save more energy compared to the upright type. They have a larger storage space and not ideal when having smaller floor spaces.

The upright commercial fridge freezer is usually very costly as they are fitted with an automatic defroster. They also have adjustable shelves, magnetic latches, strong hinges, inner lighting as well as removable bins. They are mainly preferred where there is minimal space.

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