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Save Money on Air Conditioning

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Residential air conditioning is one of the things that you expect to find in many homes especially during summer. This is due to the fact that in most cases, summers are usually very warm and therefore it becomes very uncomfortable to stay indoors. This is because of the fact that indoor air is usually very stuffy and therefore it becomes quite hard to breathe. However, it is quite expensive to maintain this comfortable lifestyle especially due to the escalating electricity bills.

Due to this, it is usually important to ensure that you are able to cut on the electricity consumption of your air conditioner. There are different essential tips that can help you save on the cost of running air conditioners in your home. These tips are such as:

Ceiling fans

For houses that are installed with ceiling fans, it is very easy for them to be able to save a considerable amount of money. This is due to the fact that these fans can be used for air conditioning especially when you want to control the air conditioning in your house.

Fans are more electric efficient as compared to air conditioners and therefore their power consumption is equally low. You can also be able to adjust the thermostat while the fans are running and realize that you do not sweat while enjoying the breeze.

Programmable thermostats

Changing the specific thermostat in your house to a programmable thermostat might prove to be quite a task but it’s worth the trouble. This is due to the fact that with a programmable thermostat, you only use the thermostat only when it is required. A programmable thermostat is also very useful for people who forget to adjust the temperatures accordingly.

This is due to the reason that these thermostats are able to automatically adjust themselves according to the temperature of the surrounding. This helps in saving a lot of money as the thermostat automatically switches off when there is no heat requirement in the room.

Maintain cleanliness of the filter

Your residential air conditioning unit is usually very prone to dirt and other interferences. As such it is important to ensure that you regularly clean the filter in order to prevent a possible breakdown of the unit. Cleaning the filter regularly is also important in that it helps in ensuring that the efficiency and output capability of the air conditioner is not hindered at any cost.


Homes that are not well insulated most likely spend a lot of money on electricity bills than it is even required. This is due to the fact that there is a very high likelihood of energy loss in such a home. Therefore heating in order to warm up the house will regularly be required.

It is advisable to hire the residential air conditioning services of a professional insulation company in order to be able to minimize your electricity bill accordingly. Other than having low power consumption in your house, there is also a very high probability of qualifying for tax rebates especially in countries such as USA and UK. It is therefore advisable to part with the insulation installation money and save a lot in the coming years.

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Features of a Commercial Fridge Freezer

Monday, January 28th, 2019

The use of commercial fridge freezer has increased significantly over the last years. It has become an indispensable commercial tool for all the businesses. The numerous benefits offered by the freezers have made it be ranked as one of the most preferred product in most lines of businesses.

One of the greatest benefits that the freezers give the owner is the ability to hold a large number of drinks and foods at different temperatures depending on the individual cooing temperature requirements. The freezers are also capable of storing the food for a long time, keeping them fresh and maintaining all the nutrients.

Some of the common features of the commercial freezers that enable them to effectively function include:

  1. Compressors – the compressors found in the commercial freezers that help in prolonging the life of all the drinks and foodstuffs stored in them. This is important as most hotels and businesses dealing with foodstuffs deal with a large amount of food.
  2. Insulation for noises and vibrations – the material used for insulation highly depends on the equipment that one goes for. The insulation also helps in reducing the generation of heat.
  3. High-quality hinges for the doors – the commercial freezers usually have one or two doors with very strong hinges. The doors have a lining that prevents entry of heat to the freezer.
  4. Strong floors – the commercial freezers have strong aluminium floors that enable them to withstand the heavy weight of the drinks and foodstuffs stored in them.
  5. Cabinets – all the commercial freezers usually have a cabinet that is made from stainless steel
  6. Evaporator – the evaporator is a special substance that changes from gaseous to liquid states as it sucks the heat from the freezer.
  7. Wheels – most of the commercial freezers are fitted with wheels for easy movement. The wheels are also fitted with a braking system to prevent movement by locking them. The wheels are easily unlocked when one need to relocate the equipment.
  8. Safety features – the freezers are fitted with alarms that alert the users when there is a problem. They are also fitted with a lock to prevent unauthorized access to the contents.
  9. Automatic digital temperature control – the modern commercial freezers are fitted with an automatic control of the temperatures. This help to sense when the temperatures are too high than required. The digital displays show the current temperatures for the owner to take the necessary actions.
  10. Access ports – they enable the user to connect the freezer to an alternative source of energy.

When one is looking for a commercial freezer, they should clearly understand all the available types. One could buy an upright or a chest freezer. The chest freezers are very easy to use and cheap. They are opened from the top and are constructed using glass.

Most of the users prefer them for they save more energy compared to the upright type. They have a larger storage space and not ideal when having smaller floor spaces.

The upright commercial fridge freezer is usually very costly as they are fitted with an automatic defroster. They also have adjustable shelves, magnetic latches, strong hinges, inner lighting as well as removable bins. They are mainly preferred where there is minimal space.

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Commercial HVAC Systems: 6 Ways to Lower Business Costs

Monday, January 28th, 2019

When looking for ways to lower operating expenses, business owners may find that maintenance and upgrades to their commercial HVAC systems are an easy solution. Exact savings varies by the type of system you have, as well as the type of business you’re in.

These six tips will help your business save money through maintaining and making upgrades to your commercial HVAC system.

  • Take a look at your company’s procedures. Conducting an evaluation like this can help you identify if there are procedures which could be adjusted to reduce the strain on your HVAC system. Slight adjustments can be simple to implement and greatly increase your savings. Look to see if it may be beneficial to adjust working hours around the hottest hours of the day during the summer, such as moving lunch hour to this time to reduce air conditioning usage. Install programmable thermostats to automatically adjust the temperature when the building is unoccupied. You’ll be reducing your energy bills as well as giving your system a break, increasing its lifespan.
  • Install an energy management system. These systems provide options for adjusting temperatures in different zones of the building, and you can control temperature changes around your company’s working hours. Being more mindful of your company’s energy use can pay off; energy management systems can help business owners decrease their energy use by up to 40 percent each year. Energy management systems are a great solution for business owners who want to cut their energy use but aren’t ready to replace their old commercial HVAC systems.
  • Perform routine maintenance on all heating and cooling equipment. Maintaining the components of your commercial HVAC system can have a great effect on the efficiency of your system, in turn saving money on your energy bills. Your condenser coils benefit from regular cleaning, and your system’s belts need to be changed to prevent malfunctions. Also, change all of your system’s filters regularly as well as patch any duct leaks to improve efficiency and airflow throughout your building.
  • Switch to adjustable speed drives to reduce fan operation costs. By adjusting the motor speed, they reduce energy usage by causing the fan to move only the amount of air needed. By using your building’s fans to augment your commercial HVAC system in this way, your business can save 30 to 40 percent on yearly heating and cooling costs.
  • Replace ageing equipment with more energy-efficient models. If your commercial HVAC system is over 10 years old, it may barely meet minimum efficiency standards, or might not meet them at all if much older. Replacing your outdated, inefficient system with one of the new high-efficiency commercial HVAC systems available can reduce your energy usage by as much as 40 percent each year.
  • Don’t repair, replace. When individual components like pumps and fans begin to wear out, replacing them with more energy efficient models may be a more cost-effective solution than repairs. Increased efficiency can lower operating costs while eliminating the likelihood of future repair costs for older equipment.

There are many steps you can take with your commercial HVAC systems to cut your business’s operating costs. Even implementing one or two of the solutions mentioned above can lead to a significant difference which you’ll see on your lower energy bills.

While some of these solutions require a significant investment, others are affordable for many business owners. If you’re not ready financially to overhaul your commercial HVAC systems, or your systems aren’t that old yet, keep these solutions in mind as your HVAC equipment ages in order to make smart choices which will benefit your company as well as increase your overall energy savings each year.

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Care and Maintenance of Thermostats

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Thermostats are very important parts of air conditioning units. This is due to the fact that these parts are used for raising and lowering the temperature of a room. However, in order to achieve and maintain high efficiency of thermostats, thermostat maintenance is very important. This is due to the reason that with the best care and maintenance, it is very possible and easy to maintain the thermostat at its best working conditions.

This is very important in that it helps in enhancing the output capability of the thermostat. Care and maintenance of thermostats are not hard to achieve as most people take it to be. This is due to the fact that it does not require any technical know-how to maintain your appliance.

Check the thermostat regularly

You should regularly check that your thermostat functions and works according to specifications. While assessing the condition of the thermostat, it is important to first remove the cover in order to get a clear and better view of the thermostat. It is highly advisable that while opening the thermostat, you should always ensure that its electricity supply is disconnected.

This is so as to prevent electrocution from occurring. It is good to countercheck the wiring in the thermostat and that which is in its manual. This helps in ensuring that the wiring in the thermostat is as it should be. This is quite effective in that it helps in increasing the efficiency of the thermostat.

Adjust the placement of air conditioner filters

With time, the filters in the air conditioners usually fall out of their place mainly because of the air blowing effect from the air conditioner. You should adjust the position of the filters such that they perfectly fit in the areas that they are expected to fit in.

In instances where the filters are broken, replacement is usually important as it helps in complementing the performance of the thermostat. Replacement of the filters is important in that it prolongs the time span of the air conditioner.

Regular cleaning

You should regularly clean the condenser coils in the thermostat. In addition to this, you should ensure that the position of the thermostat cover is fitted accurately. This is due to the fact that with an improper fitting of the cover, it is very easy to hinder the efficiency of the thermostat.

It is therefore advisable to have the air conditioning unit and all its parts fitted by a professional technician. This is important in that it helps in ensuring that the performance of the thermostat is boosted. This, in turn, increases its reliability and durability.

Thermostat maintenance also requires you to ensure that you are able to inspect your appliance before turning it on. You should always ensure that each and every connection is correct before turning it on. This is very important in that it helps in ensuring that the thermostat is protected from experiencing breakdown and repairs due to user negligence.

Always dust off your thermostat at least once every week. You can also clean it using the recommended fluids in order to ensure that it does not breakdown due to the effect of dust and dirt. Use a cotton swab in order to prevent switches from being affected by rust.

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