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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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Detecting an Electrical Problem With Your AC

Air conditioners are electrical appliances, whether we like to think of them that way or not. They consume electricity to do a vital job for our home, and that means your home’s energy grid needs to be set up properly to handle the electricity output.

Electrical issues are one of those AC repairs in Orlando, FL that can be tricky to diagnose and handle. They can masquerade themselves as different problems, or even affect other areas of your home making it seem like there’s an issue somewhere else. In truth, an electrical problem is still a problem with your air conditioner and deserves to be looked at by a professional HVAC technician.

Today, we’re going to talk about a few symptoms you might recognize when it comes to an electrical issue in an air conditioner, and how our team can help. You can always count on Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning!

Three Signs of Electrical Failure

Let’s keep things simple. While every air conditioner is going to be different, and they’ll express problems in unique ways, there are some common issues we see often. These are some of the most common issues we diagnose that have to do with electrical component failures inside air conditioners. Just remember to hire a professional to take a look at these.

A Buzzing or Constant Clicking Noise

Buzzing noises are pretty normal when it comes to electrical component failure. From computers to dishwashers, if there’s an appliance that runs on electricity and there’s an electrical problem, it can make a buzzing sound. This is usually the sound of the system turning on and trying to work, but there’s too much power being sent to the system–which normally means that one or more components aren’t working or have broken completely. That buzzing is the sound of electricity discharging into the air.

A constant clicking noise can be a sign of an electrical problem as well. The air conditioner is supposed to click when it turns on and shuts down, but if it’s clicking in short succession then that might mean that system has a problem with its capacitors or the components in charge of turning the system on or off.

Tripping Circuits

If you’re the victim of an air conditioner that’s tripping circuits, then you’re probably aware of it. All of a sudden, your system is very quiet and there’s just a section of your home that has no electricity. Sometimes you need to even reset the electrical panel so the system can turn on again. What gives?

Well, many different problems can cause a tripped circuit, but if your air conditioner is being affected by it, then it might be from a component in the AC itself. Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity, so it might make sense that this component is negatively affecting your home’s power grid.

Outages and Abrupt Shutdowns

Any time you experience a power outage or an abrupt shutdown of your air conditioner, we urge you to call our team for a diagnosis. Air conditioners can be damaged by sudden electrical power surges and abrupt shutdowns, since the electrical components (and the other components for that matter) are not designed to undergo such quick power fluctuations.

Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning has your back. Contact our team today. You will be more comfortable with the best!

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