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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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7 AC Repairs Your System Might Need

Start your engines! Get set! Go!

Hot temperatures are well on their way and the race to getting quality air conditioning has begun. However, if your AC is starting to struggle with the burden of keeping your home cool now, then you’ve got a rocky cooling season ahead. So, perhaps it’s time to look into air conditioning repair in Winter Park, FL.

To put it simply, here is a list of seven common repairs that your struggling air conditioner could be dealing with. We’ll talk about where these problems come from, some information about each one, and exactly what you can do about them. Remember, there’s not much a homeowner should do about AC problems without professional help, so make sure you call us! Our team is reliable, fast, and we always target the root of your problem.

1. Strange Noises

If your air conditioner is making a rattling, screeching, buzzing, or clanging noise, then something is clearly wrong. In fact, if your air conditioner is making any new noise that you haven’t heard it make before, then this is one of the easiest signals to recognize that something needs help. You could have a component that’s loose in its casing, a loose screw, an electrical malfunction, or even a misaligned component that’s causing the whole system to shake. Either way, get this addressed by a team of professionals as soon as possible!

2. Inefficiency

As the first months of cooling system bills start to roll in, take a look at how much you’re paying. Compare your bills this year to the bills last year and the year before that. If you notice a trend that makes you upset, then there could be something wrong. Increased energy consumption usually means that something is running inefficiently inside your air conditioner. Our team can fix that.

3. Lukewarm Air

If your air conditioner is on full blast and the best quality air conditioning you can feel is lukewarm, then something is clearly wrong. No, you shouldn’t get used to this being the new norm. This is clearly a problem and not intended to happen. You could be dealing with a refrigerant leak, a dirty evaporator coil, or something worse.

4. It Smells Bad

Do you get the scent of dirty socks coming from your air vents? While yes, this definitely could be the smell of mold growing in your home, it’s probably not coming from the vents. Most likely you’ve got a condensate drain clog in your AC system, or some other moisture problem that’s causing this smell.

5. It’s Shutting Down

If your AC has shut down and won’t turn back on, this is a problem that you can’t fix on your own. There could be something wrong with your electrical system, the components of the AC itself, or a different problem. Either way, call our team for help.

6. It’s Short Cycling

Is your air conditioner running in short, frequent bursts that are only for a few minutes? It’s correct of you to think this is a problem, since your air conditioner is supposed to run in longer, complete cycles. This can be caused by any number of issues, but all of which need to be addressed by a professional.

7. It’s Hard to Explain…

We can’t list all the possible problems occurring with your air conditioner. What we can say is that if you feel like something is wrong, it’s never a bad idea to call us and talk about it.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning to address these AC problems. You will be more comfortable with the best!

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