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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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7 Reasons Why You Need Heat Pump Repair


So, your heat pump has run into some serious trouble. It doesn’t work properly, or when it does, it doesn’t keep you comfortable according to the temperature specified on your thermostat. At that point, what’s the use of having a “comfort” system, if it doesn’t keep you comfortable at all?

We’re going to talk about seven specific reasons why your heat pump could be struggling. These are absolutely reasons to schedule repairs. Without the right HVAC technician, your system is doomed to inefficiency and even more repairs, regardless of how skilled you think your hands might be.

Air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL doesn’t have to be a hassle. It is entirely possible that you contact one of our professionals and we get to the bottom of your heat pump problem quickly and effectively. If you recognize something from this list, then make sure you call our team.

Seven Reasons to Call Us

We aren’t just advertising our expertise to sell a service, we’re trying to get homeowners to avoid signing up for repairs with an amateur. Only when you have the quality of a professional HVAC technician will you avoid further repairs down the road that will cause more stress.

1. Strange Noises

If your heat pump is making noise, aside from clicking when it turns on and a gentle whooshing of air coming from the vents, then call us. Noises are not part of the user manual when you get a heat pump installed and they almost always signify that there’s a problem. Sure, your air conditioner might be working just fine now, but how long until the cause of that noise starts causing problems?

2. “Wet Sock” Smell

Your heat pump shouldn’t have a noticeable scent. If it does, it’s likely because there’s a clog in your condensate drain or there’s a leak somewhere. Regardless of what’s causing this nasty smell, it’s something that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

3. Inefficiency

A heat pump is one of the most efficient modes of heating and cooling on the planet. If your heat pump is causing your bills to skyrocket and you’re getting subpar comfort for the price you pay, then something is very clearly wrong. Get your heat pump repaired so it can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

4. Low Airflow

Go ahead and replace the air filter in your heat pump. After that, take a tour around your home to ensure that none of your air vents are blocked by furniture, carpet, or anything else. If, after that, your heat pump is still providing poor airflow, you need to schedule repairs with us.

5. Uneven Temperatures

Temperatures in your home should match your thermostat—full stop. If your heat pump is struggling to meet your comfort needs, then there might be something wrong with it. Luckily, we can fix it!

6. Stuck in Heating or Cooling Mode

This is a common problem that occurs with malfunctioning heat pumps. Don’t panic, give our team a call so we can get your heat pump’s reversing valve checked and your system running accurately again.

7. Electrical Problems

Heat pumps consume a lot of electricity, which means they require a solid electrical system to run. If you’re running into unexpected shutdowns but there’s nothing physically wrong with your system’s machinery, there could be an electrical issue behind the scenes.

Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning has your back. Give us a call today. “You will be more comfortable with the best!”

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