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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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3 Noises, 3 Different Problems

Sometimes diagnosing the problem with your air conditioner can feel like you’re solving a mystery or puzzle. You’re given some strange symptoms and you need to try and figure out what’s causing the noises so they can be repaired by a professional.

Now, most of the time we would just tell you to call our team for support since we can do all the diagnosing for you. But that’s not a good enough answer for a lot of people. It can be hard to tell when the right time might be to call for a pro’s help, and this is going to be a blog post that helps you determine if you’re at that point.

Simply put, here are three specific air conditioning noises that can point toward three different problems. If you recognize them, you’ll now know you should call for professional AC repair in Orlando, FL.

Mix Classic Deduction With Professional Service

Wouldn’t it feel so good to call for professional service, but by the time they’ve gotten there, you’ve narrowed down where you think the problem might be? Not only is it impressive, but it makes for an excellent story and party trick when you’re with friends and family next time. Professional technicians really appreciate a homeowner that’s done their research, and it makes things easier when we diagnose the problem using our equipment to verify your thesis.

Noise #1: Hissing and Bubbling

Hissing and bubbling is a peculiar noise. It’s not a snake, (unless you’ve got a pet snake that you suddenly can’t find) and it’s definitely not some kind of mechanical failure in the system. No, hissing and bubbling usually have to do with liquid and gases. Using the power of deduction, we can figure out that the only liquid or gas in the system is refrigerant!

If you’re dealing with a hissing or bubbling air conditioner, the likely culprit is a refrigerant leak. The hissing noise represents gaseous refrigerant exiting the line, while the bubbling represents air bubbles getting into the line. Once you’ve figured this out, you just need to call for a pro to patch the leak and recharge the refrigerant!

Noise #2: Buzzing

Buzzing is probably a familiar issue. You’ve probably turned on a TV or speaker before and heard it make a buzz. Buzzing is a sound that we’re familiar with because it’s usually associated with broken or frayed electrical wires. That faulty wire that’s barely hanging on is usually what causes an electric speaker to start making loud buzzes.

Well, your air conditioner still uses a hefty amount of electricity to do its job. Therefore, it depends on a lot of complicated electrical components that need to be connected properly. If there’s a problem in the system’s circuitry, it could start buzzing, which should clue you in that you need it repaired.

Noise #3: Rattling

Rattling is a simple one. If you were to take a set of screws and put them in a box, and shake them profusely, you’d get a rattling noise. Rattling can occur when a small interior system component comes loose and starts bouncing around the housing of the unit. This is bad, because the longer it goes on, the more likely it is that it bumps into another small component and knocks that one loose.

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