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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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4 Noises and What They Mean


Noises can mean everything in our day to day lives, and when it comes to air conditioners this is no exception. From our smoke alarms to our regular morning alarms, we rely on our ears to notify us when there’s something wrong. Alarms tend to be bells or high pitched noises because they better catch our attention and make us uncomfortable, which then prompts us to change something—whether that be getting out of bed or take the burning baked ziti out of the oven!

In regard to air conditioners, noises still serve this same purpose. If there is something wrong with your air conditioner and it requires AC repair in Winter Park, FL, it could be expressing this issue through a loud or obnoxious noise.

That’s why we’re going to go over some of the more common noises that can be expressed through your air conditioner. If any of these noises sound familiar or are things you’re constantly experiencing, it could absolutely be time to call us for repairs.

4 Noises That Signal Trouble

With an air conditioner, the name of the game is speed—and the faster you notice that your AC is having trouble, the less expensive your repair problem could be. By staying vigilant and listening for any strange noises, you could mitigate problems more effectively.


Clicking is one of the easiest noises to diagnose in your air conditioner. If you notice a clicking noise at the beginning or end of your AC’s cycle, don’t worry about that because it’s normal. This is just your AC’s capacitor signaling to the system to start and stop electronically.

However, a constant clicking is a bad sign and often signals that there’s some electrical problem that’s keeping your system from functioning normally. There could be something wrong with your thermostat, or some other electrical shortage that will inevitably lead to a higher energy bill.


Imagine putting a metal component inside your garbage bin and shaking it around violently. You’d probably hear banging similar to what you’re experiencing in your air conditioner, right?

Banging is the sound expressed when something is loose or broken in your AC system. Whether it’s a piston, a motor, or something else inside the delicate hardware of your AC, this part needs to be secured by a professional in order to avoid further damages.


Rattling is similar to banging, except usually with something smaller like a screw or a bolt. If you’re hearing rattling, similar to some small metal component being shaken around in a jar or bin, then you’ve likely got a loose part that needs to be secured again by a professional. The faster this is done, the better since that loose part could cause more damages that will need to be fixed.


Has your car ever made a squealing noise when it starts up in the wintertime? Squealing often signifies a motor belt that’s on its last legs. That belt is made of rubber, and when either the wheel or the belt is going bad, it starts to make a squealing noise, similar to that of screeching tires or an angry pig.

Regardless of what the noise is, our team is always available to help repair your issue and return your home to a quiet state.

Call the team at Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning today. You will be more comfortable with the best!

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