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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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AC FAQ: The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Repair

Haven’t you sometimes wished that an HVAC technician could just grab you and tell you, “Hey, don’t do that!” Well, consider this your lucky day. We see homeowners do a lot of things, from the unacceptable to the preferred, and we’d like to make it clear what those things are.

We use our air conditioners so much here in Florida that it’s absolutely vital we know how to use them. That involves all the best practices for homeowners that want to be proactive and telling homeowners the truth when they’re doing something they shouldn’t. If you need help or AC repair in Winter Park, FL, we can be the team to provide it. You’re just going to need to do the legwork until we get there.

Pay attention to what we’re about to tell you and we promise you’ll thank us down the line!

The Do’s of AC Repair

What can you do for your struggling air conditioner? Well, if you’re sitting back in your chair relegating in the fact that you can’t do anything, you’re sorely mistaken! There are plenty of things that a homeowner can do to extend the lifespan of their air conditioner and keep things more comfortable than they would be otherwise.

  • Change the air filter. Changing your system’s air filter isn’t just a good thing to do as a homeowner, it’s encouraged! Doing this every 1-3 months, especially down here where we use our air conditioners for most of the year, can make a major difference.
  • Run your ceiling fan. Your ceiling fan is a wonderful way to keep cool without using the immense amount of energy that an air conditioner would. Think about using it on those days that seem warm but aren’t too hot where you need extra help.
  • Unblock your vents. Your air vents need to be unblocked by furniture, carpet, or any boxes you might have in your home. If they’re blocked, it makes it harder for the cooled air to enter your home and for your thermostat to register the temperature change.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t try to repair it yourself. This is always a bad idea, no matter how many online tutorials you’ve watched. Untrained hands can always make things worse for the sensitive interior components of an air conditioner.
  • Don’t take anything apart. Does your air conditioner have a warranty? That’s great! Why not keep it? If you’re opening up your air conditioner to address a problem, you’re more likely than not going to void the warranty of the system. That means every expense is going to come right from your pocket. Warranties are worth their weight in gold and should never be compromised by a dumb mistake like this!
  • Don’t run things too cold. Some days are incredibly hot. Your AC can’t reasonably cool your home to more than 20-degrees below the outside temperature. Don’t kick the thermostat into overdrive because all you’ll do is waste more energy than you’d like.

Want more do’s and don’ts? Don’t hesitate to call our team at Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning today. You will be more comfortable with the best!

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