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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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Unique Heat Pump Problems to Address

Heat pumps are definitely unique. While we love them, and they’re some of the best heating systems we offer in Orlando, they’re not without their problems. This is where things get interesting because homeowners start thinking that they need to be repaired in the same way that a gas furnace or a central air conditioner should be, when neither is the case.

Heat pumps are their own systems with their own unique needs. Take it from our team, since we specialize in heat pump repair in Orlando, FL, that you’re going to need specific repairs for specific problems that relate to heat pumps.

What might some of these problems be? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading and we’ll talk about the unique problems that only affect heat pump systems. We’ll mention what you can do about them—and here’s a hint—our team can help!

A Stuck Reversal Valve

In order for your heat pump to switch from heating to cooling mode, the reversal valve must function correctly. This is a component that’s not in air conditioners or furnaces because those systems cannot both heat and cool your home! If you’re noticing that your heat pump isn’t doing one of the two main services it was promised to do, then this is probably the culprit. Call our team to have it repaired ASAP.

A Refrigerant Leak

Heat pumps run on refrigerant, which means refrigerant leaks can become a nightmare for the efficiency and efficacy of your system. Take note of any problems your heat pump is experiencing and relay them to us. Our team can patch your heat pump’s refrigerant leak and recharge it with the necessary amount to restore its former functionality. Unlike in air conditioners, a refrigerant leak in a heat pump can actually cause problems heating your home as well.

Note: Heat pumps do not use refrigerant in the same way that a gas furnace burns gas. The amount of refrigerant a heat pump is installed with should last throughout the lifespan of the system. So any reduced amount of refrigerant in your heat pump is a clear sign that there’s a leak!

Thermostat Miscalibration

Sometimes the answer to your problem is the simplest one you can think of! Your thermostat needs to be clued in when you’re switching your heat pump from cooling to heating mode. If you don’t switch the change on your thermostat, then you’ll likely be noticing the system unable to provide the temperatures you’re requesting. Don’t worry! This is a simple fix, so just make sure you always check your thermostat when you notice something isn’t working.

Electrical Issues

Since heat pumps run on electricity, they can be the victim of electrical problems more than any other system. This is only exacerbated by the fact that they’re systems that work all-year-round. f yoIu’re encountering a system that keeps shutting down, some calibration problems on your thermostat, or other issues that seem to be electrical, then you should call for help!

Call Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning today. You will be more comfortable with the best!

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