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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

Emergency Service Available 7 Days a Week


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What No HVAC Maintenance Is Costing You

Homeowners and industry specialists alike often groan about the cost of a maintenance plan. There are so many features that are included in a plan like ours, that it can be hard to take advantage of all of them. People then think HVAC maintenance in Orlando, FL is some kind of “bonus” service and that they can do without it until their system starts malfunctioning and their bills go through the roof.

What we’d like to make clear today is that HVAC maintenance, for heaters, air conditioners, and any system, is not optional. If you want to even approach a 10-year lifespan for your system, let alone anything beyond that, you’ll need routine maintenance every year. These services are required for very specific reasons that we’ll get into—but the most important thing to remember is that there’s a cost to forgetting to sign up for maintenance.

Proactive Service

What does being “proactive” mean? Well, if you think about going to your doctor for a check-up, that’s proactive. Your doctor can tell you everything you need to know to stay healthy for another year and will let you know if there are any complications that will need to be addressed. Any surgeries, conditions, or medication will be talked about and addressed in your doctor’s check-up appointment. This is very important!

Think of your HVAC maintenance appointment like a check-up from your doctor, except it’s from us—the doctors of HVAC equipment! We can thoroughly assess your system, let you know of any problems that are starting to show up, and address them with repairs either right then and there or in the future. Basically, proactive maintenance helps reduce expenses down the line by addressing them early on.

Additional Costs of Missed Maintenance

Let’s say you were one of the many homeowners to think you didn’t need maintenance. You might think you’re saving money yearly, but you’re probably going to spend more money than you’d like, they’ll just occur as surprise expenses or higher energy bills that might slip under your radar. Let’s take a look at all the expenses you could be racking up from avoiding maintenance:

  • Increased fuel or energy bill due to system inefficiency.
  • Money spent on blankets, sweatshirts, sheets, socks, fans, ice, and other things meant to make you feel more comfortable due to poor heater or air conditioner performance.
  • Surprise expensive repairs that seemingly come out of nowhere.
  • Reduced system life expectancy and an early replacement.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Look, if you’re starting to feel stressed out because you missed maintenance, or because you feel like you need to choose between signing up for maintenance or not, then relax. We’re trying to help you.

A good rule of thumb going forward is to think of maintenance as an additional cost of owning an HVAC system that’s unavoidable. Just like you’d look at car insurance as a necessary expense of owning a car, maintenance should be added to the cost of HVAC ownership. With that in mind, it won’t feel like you’re paying extra for your system, but it will feel like you’re paying the normal rate while you get the most out of your comfort technology.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning for comprehensive system maintenance. You will be more comfortable with the best!

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