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Serving the Orlando Area for Over 40 Years

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Allergies? It’s Time for an Air Purifier


This time of year, if you’re an allergy sufferer, you’re probably really suffering. There’s a major uptick in pollen during the springtime, especially tree pollen. The humidity is also increasing, and it will continue to do so throughout the summer. This leads to increased levels of other allergens, so even if you’re not allergic to pollen, you may be experiencing allergy symptoms.

All of this adds up to a very unpleasant set of circumstances that make it very hard to enjoy this beautiful time of year. But we’ve got good news for you! There’s no need to keep suffering. If you have allergy symptoms or other respiratory irritation, an air purifier can make you breathe easier and help you to enjoy the springtime. 

What’s in Your Air

Clearly, pollen is one of the most common allergens. The pollens that are most prevalent include those from trees in the spring and early summer, grasses throughout the summer, and ragweed in the fall. But pollen isn’t the only thing that can cause major allergy symptoms.

Pet dander frequently causes allergies. This is not actually the hair from pets. It’s a protein found in the skin cells and saliva, so it can even be present in hairless pets like birds. Dust is another common culprit. In this case, it’s not so much the primary component of dust—which, unpleasantly, is skin cells—but the dust mites who eat those cells, and their droppings.

One allergen you might not be considering is mold. When mold reproduces, it releases tiny spores into the air. Some people are allergic to breathing any sort of mold spores. However, some molds produce such powerful toxins that they cause respiratory symptoms (and worse) even in people who don’t have allergies. 

How to Breathe Cleaner Air

An air purifier is the best way to eliminate pathogens and allergens so that you can breathe easier. With nothing but light, a UV air purifier can cause such damage to those tiny microbes that they can’t keep circulating, can’t reproduce, and can’t cause harm or illness. These systems can be installed in your ductwork, so all the air that passes through your HVAC system is purified.

When people have whole house UV air purifiers installed, they notice a wide array of benefits. First, there are the allergy symptoms we’ve been focusing on, which are greatly reduced. But people also have fewer asthma attacks, fewer headaches, and fewer days spent ill, missing work due to illness or caring for sick kids. People even say they sleep better, spend more time in a good mood, and have more energy!

In order to function optimally, these systems do need to be installed by a professional who is an expert in indoor air quality and HVAC systems. They do also require occasional maintenance to make sure they continue getting the job done and keeping your air clean and your family healthy. If you’re interested in breathing easier, you need air purifier services in Orlando, FL.

Contact Gary Munson Heating & Air Conditioning for air purifier installation and maintenance in Orlando, FL. You’ll be more comfortable with the best!

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